From 0 to 100 miles

Well yesterday I posted on Facebook that I signed up for the St. Mary’s Century. I am not sure what I was thinking at the time, but I have already committed to riding, so now I have to start training. Here is the problem, my bike is gear toward off-road riding and I have not ridden further then 3 miles in about 10 years. Not to mention I have not ridden at all in about 2 years (unless you count going up the street and back). So what does that mean, well I have two (count them 2) month to prepare for a 100 mile ride (they say race, but if I live I win) and the prep starts tonight (7/14/11) at 17:00 (5pm) with a light 16 miles to Leonardtown and back. I am going to track my ride using my RunKeeper app on the Droid. So let see what happen.


Tasha said…
1 piece of advice. Get one of those seats with the little channel built in. Gotta protect the boys, as Lance would say!

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