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First I am going to say that I have very little experience working with the Content Management Systems that I am going to be testing.

I was the coordinator of the Southern Maryland Give Camp, during this event I STRONGLY that the developers used one of the CMS’ available. The two that I recommended were Sitefinity by Telerik and Dot Net Nuke(DNN). DNN is a free CMS (community edition) and Sitefinity donated their license to any nonprofit that had their website done using their CMS.

Before this weekend I did not use any of these I also find another one that I am going to evaluate. The third in this process is Graffiti by Telligent, which is now an open source.

I am going to spend about a week with each and then blog about my experience with each. You might ask why I am doing this, well I signed up as a developer for the Philly Give Camp so I want to go there with better understanding of which CMS might be best for whichever project I get put on.

I am going to start with Sitefinity…here we go.


Terri said…
This sounds like a GREAT idea. Check out the Autism Spectrum Support Group of Southern Maryland's website for ways that one team used Sitefinity to address the NPO's needs.

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