Give Camp Progress

logo2_color  Well, today is Sunday and we are 5 days away from our first give camp. Today I am burning the discs that have the standard software that we may need. We still need to purchase a few things, but I am going to wait until Thursday night before I buy them. I am going to be sending to the “team” leaders their assignment along with the username and password for our host. My hope is that when the charities/nonprofits leave on Sunday, their websites will be fully functional and live. I know that it might be a lot to ask but I know many of the people working on these projects and if any one can get them finishes I know these people can. I am going to make sure that I am there shacking the hand of EVERY person that volunteered for the event. Thank You Thank You Thank You.


Terri said…
It TODAY!! You've been working since forever, but it's just a few hours away for the rest of us! Thank you so much for hooking up the volunteers and the charities!
Terri said…
You ROCK! Give Camp was awesome!

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