SoMD Givecamp

We are three months away from, what I am hoping, a historical event at St. Mary's College. According to the givecamp cookbook, which can be located at we are to start recruiting developers. Being that this is the holiday season, I might be better off waiting until after the New Years before I start attending more user group meetings. I need to finalize the PowerPoint presentation that I'll be giving when I attend. I am also going to try and give the presentation via live meeting or UStream. I need to make sure that we get more sponsors so we have plenty of things to give away during the event.

I had the honor of being interview last week for an article that is going to be printed in the St. Mary's Enterprise some time during the Christmas week. I also heard from a few of the charities that we'll be helping about the same article, I am really excited to read the story. Once it is published I'll post the URL on our Twitter and Facebook Fan Pages.


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